Lorex Plastics Co. Inc.
A manufacturer and custom fabricator of quality plastic and acrylic products.since 1972. Personal design
and production consultation is the hallmark of Lorex's commitment to quality assurance.


Innovators in acrylic product design, Lorex is well-known for its ability in manufacturing problem
solving. When coupled with cost-conscious production methods, the manufacturing process
becomes streamlined and cost-effective. Lorex maintains a full manufacturing facility on
premises. Capabilities include sophisticated machinery and set-ups for precision work as well as
large scale production. whether the end-product is a kind prototype or one of a thousand pieces,
quality control and attention to detail have made Lorex a favorite supplier among area industries
and independent designers.
Reptile Cages

In recent years, Lorex has developed its own line of quality reptile cages, enclosures and a full line of products for your reptiles.
We strive to provide products that are necessary and practical, yet elegant. In addition to our line of Reptile
and Arboreal Cages and enclosures, we will custom manufacture almost any size Cage or enclosure to your Specifications.
Some features of Front Loading Cages include a removable Drawer for easy cleaning , lift out
front panel that lowers into rabbit notch at base for a very secure closure. Acrylic Lockable
Hasp. Approximately 2.5” to 3” of room available on bottom of cage for substrates. A perfect
home for many different animals such as geckos, snakes, terrestrial dwelling tarantulas, frogs,
snakes, Bearded Dragons etc.
Our Arboreal cages and enclosures include Heat Bent sides with polished edges. Doors with Acrylic Hinges,
lockable Acrylic hasps and screened vents.
Perfect for breeding or displaying tarantulas or any small arboreal animals.
Our Horizontal cages make a perfect home for many different animals such as geckos, snakes,
terrestrial dwelling tarantulas, frogs, etc….
We make a 120 gallon cage enclosure that will house your larger animals including Pythons, Boa’s, larger
Amphibians and so on. This cage ships unassembled for UPS delivery which saves on breakage
and cost.

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